The camp has been operated by the Red Cross since 1978 and has vast experience in offering activities for children and youths, both heathy and disabled. The camp is situated along the Tislei river and offers excellent conditions for teaching and enjoying an active week outdoors.

The site has 160 beds in shared cabins – both two bedroom and four bedrooms. The camp has a Viking village, a vast area in the forest making for a fantastic obstacle course, a football field, volleyball field, bowling alley, table tennis, bicycling, canoeing and row boating.

At the camp we will go hikes where campers learn about the local flora and fauna. We will spend some time on the river in canoes and various boats and also go fishing on the river. We will have fun with various Viking activities in the Viking Village including archery, and forging jewellery at the blacksmith. The track behind the Viking village is great for those with a competitive mind and the many facilities at the camp are great for games, learning and building friendships. Safety is, of course, of utmost importance and the Red Cross staff is certified, thus ensuring a professional and safe experience.