The season starts in July at Nansen Coast in Arendal. Each camp lasts 8 days, starting and ending on a Saturday. The camp site is located 3 hours south of Oslo, on the island of Tromøya in the city of Arendal. The site covers a vast area and that includes several jetty’s and beaches, a climbing-park, a parkour-park, a farm, a vast football field, beach volleyball sand pits, sand handball fields, sand football fields, a basketball field, and several trails. It has a total capacity of 476 beds spread across homes and campsites, with separate buildings for dining. The site is an ideal playground for children, families and students, and has several boats, canoes, and equipment available to learn and enjoy.

Nansen Camp is very passionate about preserving the nature and strongly believes that children and youths, especially in large cities around the world, need close contact with nature in order to better understand and respect it. Only through this, can they truly appreciate and endeavour to take care of it. Consequently, we will have lectures about marine biology as well as plastic in the ocean, but as with all lectures at Nansen Camp, lessons are outdoors. Nature is our classroom.