The camp in Kragerø is located close to the city center, just a short boat ride from the Jomfruland Marine National Park. There students will be surrounded with kayaks, various motorboats, and sailboats, and will be challenged to learn, investigate, challenge, and have fun. The premise hosts 60 rooms, as well as 10 apartments. In addition, it has a beach, jetty, sand volleyball pits, a football field, and table tennis courts.   

Students will spend parts of the week exploring Jomfruland island visiting sights such as its famed lighthouse, and hearing stories about Norwegian culture and the lifestyles of its ancestors. In addition, students will visit a bird station where they will learn about how and why scientists track certain birds. Finally, kids will experience firsthand the harmful effects of plastic as they engage in cleaning the island, in a fun and meaningful way.

Back at the camp site, students will learn how to sail and aspects to sailing such as wind, current and navigation. They will also learn how to kayak, as they venture throughout the waterways, while learning about flora and fauna. Kids will also experience Norwegian history through a visit of WWII bunkers.