Located on an island, the Camp has been operated by Red Cross for over 50 years. Its profound teaching embraces the integration healthy and disabled children and youths. There are no cars here; it is just hiking and the reliance on boats. Like in Kragerø, this Camp has kayaks, canoes, various motorboats and sailing boats in abundance. This site has 92 beds, set in twin or four bed rooms or cabins, as well as a dining hall, reception and kiosk. On premise are also a jetty, multiple waterslides, a football field, a climbing area, a sand volleyball pit and a volleyball court. At the “Barn”, campers can enjoy table tennis on the first floor, and in the evenings, the upstairs converts to a discotheque.

Campers will go sailing, climbing, kayaking. Through various boat trips, they will learn and experience local history, Norwegian culture, and its way of life. Boating also teaches navigation, wind, waves and current; and interspersed with the water activities are talks on marine biology lectures and life on the shoreline. Students will enjoy a week of fun, filled with challenges and learning. Also, they will make good friends for life.