Norway has a vast set of regulations and HSE systems to ensure safety and security. Several certifications are needed for most of the activities and experiences at our camps. It goes without saying that all installations and equipment we use are certified according to Norwegian standards. Our staff has a number of coaching certificates in areas such as climbing, boating, sailing, kayaking and skiing. More importantly however, is the attitude, experience and dedication of everyone working at our camps. We are proud of the Nansen Camp team; its passion and professionality make guests feel welcome and well taken care of.

Prospective campers are asked to fill out a heath declaration form. We are heavily experienced with handling many different unique situations and illnesses, as some of our camp staff have been designed programs for the disabled. However, information is key; we need to know about allergies, dietary requirements or any other medical situations before campers arrivals

We do not offer travel insurance here at Nansen Camp, and we require you to make your own insurance arrangements, as you would normally do when traveling.