Norway sees a wide variety in temperatures and climate as the country spans from longitude 58 degrees north to 71 degrees at its northernmost point in mainland Norway.  In winter, temperatures might drop to minus 10 degrees and sometimes even lower around the areas of the Nansen Winter Camp. In the mountainous regions of central Norway, weather conditions can change within minutes. While Nansen Camp endeavours to make all necessary preparations, students should still be aware of such sudden changes.

The weather is more predictable in summer. In the mountainous region temperatures can range from 12 to 18 degrees during mid-day. In the mornings and evenings, temperatures can drop to 3-8 degrees.

The southern coast in Norway is regarded as Norway’s riviera. This is where Nansen Coast Camps takes place, in July and August. Temperatures are mild around 17-23 degrees and in the water it is around 16 to 19 degrees. This part of Norway usually sees a lot of sunshine in the summer but be prepared for occassional rain and wind. The camp in Kristiansand tends to get windy, particularly on the long boat trips.