Fritjof Nansen was a Norwegian polar explorer, scientist and diplomat. He was a professor of zoology (1897-1908) and oceanology (1908-1930) at the University of Oslo. However, he is best known for his polar expeditions. In 1888, he was the first person to trek across Greenland. With his ship, the MS Fram, he made the first attempt to reach the North Pole. The story of his attempt is a fascinating one which students will learn about at start of each camp. After World War I, Nansen went on to work with the repatriation of POWs and aiding refugees. He became the first High Commissioner of the League of Nations and he organized aid to millions of Russians who suffered from famine after the war. In 1922, Nansen was awarded the Nobel Peace Price for his work with such refugees. We are honoured that his successors have permitted us to use his name.